The rich historical, cultural and natural heritage of the country attracts visitors from all over the world. Untouched nature, mineral springs, the world's only oil field treatment - naphthalene, a unique ancient architecture, unique culture, cuisine, and more contribute to the formation in Azerbaijan of all types of tourism: business, sport, medical, cognitive, hunting, exotic, beach and even gastronomic.

      Azerbaijan is a territory of 9-out of 11 of the world's climatic zones. Climate of our country enables to organize summer and winter holidays. Very common are ecological tours to Azerbaijan, which include visits to nature reservations, trekking and climbing routes.


      Baku the capital of Azerbaijan, where past and present intricately intertwined, have always attracted tourists. Of particular interest to guests of Baku is Old City, enclosed within the fortress walls, or Icheri Sheher (Inner City). This open-air museum, together with famous Maiden Tower (XII c.) located here is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The architectural appearance of a fortress differs by its unique originality. It contains 44 monuments of medieval architecture, including the unique Palace of the Shirvanshahs, former residence of the rulers of Shirvan (XV c.). 30 km away from Baku, in Surakhani village, there is a Zoroastrian monument – fire worshipers’ temple "Ateshgah". A little further into the village of Gobustan (60 km away from Baku), there is a rare monument of world culture, one of the earliest centers of human civilization, where 4,000 rock drawings of people and animals were found. This historical-art reserve is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

      Of no less interest for the guests is the modern appearance of the capital. Among the new hallmarks of Baku one can distinguish the magnificent building complex Flame Towers, the sports and leisure complex Crystal Hall, which held the Eurovision song contest in 2012, the Cultural Center named after Heydar Aliyev and others. A favorite walking place for locals and guests is the City Seaside Park (or Boulevard), shining with neon lights. In Baku there are also many shopping centers, boutiques, movie theaters, concert and exhibition venues, museums, restaurants, and world famous brands hotels.

      Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, a major scientific and technical, industrial and cultural center of the country. Any part of Azerbaijan from its architectural and historical point of view can attract tourists but numerous monuments of Baku provoke a keen interest of tourists. First of all this is the old part of the city – fortress Icheri Sheher which together with the adjacent legendary Maiden Tower (XII century) is included into the list of world heritage sites. The architectural aspect of the fortress differs by unique originality; there are 44 monuments of medieval architecture. Among them: a unique Shirvanshahs’ palace, the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan (XV century), minaret Sinik – gala (XI cenetury), mosques, caravanserais, baths. This is a real ethnographic treasure for lovers of the antique.


      Naftalan city is a well-known petroleum spa resort, the center of medical tourism in Azerbaijan. It is located 330 km west of Baku and 50 km away from Ganja, the second largest city in the country. There is a unique naftalan oil in Naftalan that has no analogues in the world. It is a viscous liquid with distinguished black-brown and brown color and a specific odor. The uniqueness and high efficiency of naftalan oil is confirmed by numerous scientific studies and more than 100 years of experience in treatment of various diseases.

      The curative naftalan oil in the combination with other methods of recreational therapy and natural factors (favorable environmental conditions and clean pine air) is very helpful in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, as well as neurological, urological, gynecological, skin and other diseases in adults and children.

      Naftalan today is a modern recreation and rehabilitation center, with natural factors, achievements of resort medicine, European comfort, Azeri hospitality and affordable prices for tickets combining to make this a unique cultural experience.


      There is a great variety of historical and cultural monuments of different eras in Qabala: the Albanian church of IV-VIII centuries in Amili village, tombs of Sheikh Badraddin and Sheikh Mansur of XV century in Hazra village, mosque of XIX century in Bum village and others.

      The abundance of attractions, beautiful nature and well developed infrastructure attract thousands of tourists. Three 5 star complexes Gafgaz for accommodation of up to 1000 guests were opened near the city. There are also a small family hotels, several tourist camps and recreation areas where you can comfortably relax in the open air.

If you want to enjoy all the delights of winter holiday in Azerbaijan, then snow paradise awaits you in the mountains Gusar and Guba regions, unique summer and winter sports and tourist complex “Shahdag». This mountain resort which second to none in the Caucasus worthy of the best epithets.

You can hold international competitions in winter sports, as well as a vacation any time of year! On the territory of about 2,000 hectares are built five luxury hotels, chalets and cottages in the eastern style, laid ski tracks, a ski school, ski lifts, snowmaking system ... even orchards and trout streams! At the top of the mountain Shahdag, at 2,500 meters, there will be built a revolvable restaurant which can be reached only by cableways.

The Complex receives its first guests in 2013. Here, in a clear winter day in the vicinity of Laza village, Gusar you can make interesting excursions to several icy waterfalls. With no less than 19 ski slopes planned, suitable for a wide range of experience levels, the Shahdag Mountain Resort presents world-class skiing at a breathtaking 2500 metres above sea level. The Resort’s own ski school offers experienced private instructors for beginners as well as advanced skiers.

In addition to skiing, the slopes also provide exciting opportunities for snowboarding and snow mobiling. Other winter activities, especially suited for young children, include quad biking and bouncy castles and snow tubing. Additionally, the Resort’s Spa will provide a refreshing break from the snow and ice.

Panoramic view of Baku Bay from the highest point of the city, Highland Park. Sightseeing places of Baku; Old City, Double Gates (XII в.), Shirvanshakh’s Palace (XV в.), Maiden Tower(XII в.), Bazar Square, Juma mosque. Visiting the Museum of Carpets and National Folklore Arts, Azerbaijan History museum and Arts museum. Visiting souvenir, carpets, antique shops and workshops of local handicrafts.