Optimax Company was established in 2008. Main business areas are construction, import/export of agricultural products, tourism. The swiftly developing Optimax construction department has occupied its proper place on the construction market of Azerbaijan in a extremely short period. Optimax trading department is involved into the export/import of the following products: wheat flour, potatoes, apple, grape, sugar, honey, lemon, frozen beef, livestock cattle.

Optimax Travel is one of the well-known Azerbaijan travel agencies. Our business strategy is clearly defined: to find possibilities to develop and achieve growth. Specifically, our business strategy defines what needs to be done to meet business goals, which also mean that it helps us make sound decisions related to resource allocation.

And while two departments are working independently and innovatively, there is no conflict between what each department is doing with the overall direction of the organization. Our mission is to support our clients to the best of our abilities.